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Top Ten Reasons to Vote Bill Sauser

posted May 4, 2014, 11:27 PM by Tony Burgess
The "Sample Ballot" showed up in the PO Box on Friday, reminding us that the June 3rd elections are a mere one month away.  If anyone is still on the fence regarding the district 1 supervisor's race between incumbent Larry Johnston and challenger Bill Sauser, then please read on... 

Top 10 reasons to vote for Bill

(drum roll)

10. You might like being part of a grassroots campaign which is different from smoking grass and putting roots down in the couch on Dorrance.

9. Bill's public safety message is short and succinct: "Drive slow in the ghetto"

8. Through great efforts of Bill's are the reason why we can all enjoy snowmobiling on the west side of highway 395.

7. For too many years to add up, Bill has been volunteering on his own dime to make Mammoth and Mono County a better place.  (Mammoth Snowmobile Club, Hayden Cabin President, Mammoth Lakes Recreation Commission, Mammoth Lakes Trail System Coordinating Committee)

6. Bill is friends with Steve the-bear-whisperer Searles, who recently helped capture "bat-out-of-hell-Bentley", a Santa Barbara dog lost in the Mammoth wilderness for a couple weeks.  More importantly, Steve endorses this campaign message with an enthusiastic two fingers up!

5. Rumors are floating around that Bill might be throwing a BBQ at his home on Manzanita street and there could be some incidental beer drinking going on.

4. Bill is cognizant of the schism between Bridgeport and Mammoth and has ideas to mend it.  After all, Mammoth is the driving force behind most of the services in Mono County.  Together the Eastern Sierra is strong, divided we flounder.

3. Every recreation amenity Bill has pushed for over the years has not profited him or his business in any way.  Well, unless you lock your keys in the car again at the ice rink.  Give Bill's Locksmith Service a ring, 760-937-5822.

2. Small business owner in Mammoth for 27 years?  Enough said.

And the number one reason to cast your vote in Bill's direction...

He represents the ghetto, Heart of Mammoth, and the newer Trails neighborhood.  Combined, these enclaves are the working class of Mammoth Lakes and a microcosm of Mono County.  The town and county have to partner up to move Mammoth forward.  So if you are unhappy (or neutral) with the current state of Mono County government then join us in electing Bill Sauser, supervisor District 1.  Mammoth and the Eastern Sierra deserve it.