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Ten Commandments of Trail Riding in CA

posted Aug 20, 2010, 3:22 PM by Tony Burgess
1. thou shalt not speak in vain of our sister silver State to the east

2. thou shalt not speak to quad riders

3. thou shall endevour to be kind to all who ride dirt bikes

4. honor the significant others who let you ride

5. roost not those who ride with you

6. remember thy air filter and oil changes

7. be at peace with nature

8. thou shalt not do last minute maintenance or repairs to the bike in the staging area.  Do it at home.  Arrive ready to ride -- no exceptions.

9. when approaching a blind turn decrease speed and get thyne EFFIN ASS OVER TO THE RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!

10. thou shall never be towed by a KTM because your Yamaha wont start

And, another version:

1. Thou shalt not ride quads, or associate with those that ride quads on singletrack.
2. Thou shalt not share the location of Prairie City in an open forum.
3. Thou shalt honor ones bike, and maintain it properly.
4. Thou shalt not sleep late on a ride day, blessed be the early morning ride.
5. Thou shalt wait at intersections for the rider behind you.
6. Thou shalt signal to oncoming riders how many riders are behind you.
7. Thou shalt not exhibit behavior that could result in losing our rights to ride.
8. Thou shalt rejoice in every opportunity to ride.
9. Thou shalt worship the wives and husbands that understand their spouses need to ride often.
10. Thou shalt not leave a stranded KTM rider on the trail, but offer the unfortunate misguided one a tow back to his truck.

I, Tony, take no credit for these commandments, rather they were lifted off of Thumpertalk (for entertainment purposes) here: