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OHV access to Owens Dry Lake preserved

posted May 24, 2011, 11:23 AM by Tony Burgess
Below is the update to the Owens Dry Lake master plan, recently noted to include access for green sticker vehicles.   --Inquiries were made by MammothMC to preserve historical (and new) access for a multitude of reasons--
Excerpt from April Meeting Highlights (attached)

 Green Sticker Vehicles / Off-Highway Vehicles

Recommendation for Master Plan: Green sticker vehicles can be used consistent with public access in the Master Plan.  Create a special category in implementation for these vehicles.

Existing green sticker vehicle use is available on trails in the Olancha Dunes on BLM land.

The lake has safety issues and conflicting uses, such as mining trucks, possible sink holes, cultural resources sites, and nesting birds. Given these constraints, active trail recreation would be directed to the Olancha Dunes. However, green sticker vehicle use that is consistent with the public access plan is suitable. For example, hunters might use green sticker vehicles on the roads when hunting.