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MammothMC Reveals Travel Managment Solutions on

posted Jun 28, 2012, 3:21 PM by Tony Burgess   [ updated Jul 5, 2012, 6:24 PM ]


Letter to the editor:

CC: Ed Armenta, Jon Regellbrugge, Nancy Upham, Marty Hornick, Jon Kazmerski, Nick Ettema, FOI, MammothMC
BCC: MammothMC email list

Dear Benett and all,

Travel Management consequences are too large to define, the loss of experiences beyond words.  Through the voice of many our club is formulating a proposal that could bring peace to many.  It is just one small step back to freedom of travel and choices. 

Our solution is modest, with the Mammoth Motorcycle Club representing the eastern sierra front country at large.  We will work bite by bite and propose 5 changes to travel management per year based on interest.  Our club will screen nominees based on merit and coverage through media outlets, or by other means like direct contact.

2012 nominees include:

1. 'Darwin award' road closure out of Lone Pine, submitted online by concerned citizen. (roads 16S100, 01, 02, 03).
2. Bachar Boulders road closures by June Lake Junction, read online by concerned citizens. (roads OS301, 323, 537, 296)
3. Deadman summit re-opening of sustainable sand hill-climb that fixes the 'loop to no-where'. (O2S284) Submitted by MammothMC. (O2S159, N467)
4. Open until filled, deadline July 15, 2012.
5. Open until filled, deadline July 15, 2012.

Of course this will be turned over to the USFS/FOI for implementation - we believe that any trail work not repaired to original condition (or better) is grounds for a refund.  We can be level headed but will hammer it home online and through grassroots journalism and public demonstration if needed.  Current talk from USFS and FOI have indicated that both groups are ready to look at the errors and mistakes and "get to the fixing". (though not as succinctly as quoted)

MammothMC offers this volunteer coordination on behalf of the health (forest and community) of the entire Inyo, stretching from Mono, Inyo, and Esmeralda counties.  We recommend that others of similar standing implement action plans in their respective communities, but if that fails we are here to assist.

Timeliness is of the essence.  Thousands of unwelcome (and often dangerous) changes have been made on the ground in months.  What's the value of a few fixes between friends?


John Connolly, MammothMC president/treasurer, Hilton Creek

James Connolly, MammothMC public relations officer, Mammoth Lakes

Joe Parrino, MammothMC sergeant of black ops helicopters, Mammoth Lakes

Alan Sanchez, MammothMC founding member, Orange County

Russ Chessler, MammothMC founding member, Mammoth Lakes

Kim Pham, MammothMC founding member, Mammoth Lakes

Jason Hardin, MammothMC founding member, Mammoth Lakes

Vince Maniaci, MammothMC founding member, Long Valley

Adam Klimek, MammothMC floundering member, Embarrass MN

Abe Mascarenas, MammothMC flounder, Hilton Creek

John Graves, MammothMC member in good standing, Mammoth Lakes

Ruben Sandoval, MammothMC member in good standing, Mammoth Lakes

Johnston Julao, MammothMC member in good standing, Mammoth Lakes
Isabel Connolly, MammothMC member in great standing, Mammoth Lakes

High Country sunset, viewed from 'the rock'.  June Lake Junction vicinity.