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Inyo Recreation - puts it inyo ass.

posted Jul 1, 2010, 2:12 PM by Tony Burgess   [ updated Nov 30, 2010, 4:18 PM ]
What is up with the privatization of our campgrounds?  Growing up visiting Mammoth we enjoyed Coldwater Creek to no end and watching it get improved over the years with new tables, rings, paving and the switch-over from chemical to flush toilets.  Lots of tax payer money (local and visitor) went into that campground as a whole - we actually preferred the Mammoth Lakes basin to Yosemite if you can believe that.
Now, I realize this isn't breaking news.  But rates are getting up there just for camping, anywhere from $21 and up per night depending on campground.  Where is the money going and who is responsible for the degrading conditions of the campgrounds?   Well, to answer, the money is lining corporate pockets and the USFS will foot the bill (which means us) as the campgrounds crumble back into a semi-primitive state.
What to do.
Anyone who wants to come up and visit Mammoth needs to know about the cheaper alternatives, like free camping at free campgrounds and other free "dispersed sites".  (Because Inyo Recreation isn't in the business of reducing rates in a down economy)  And what better way to save a few dollars to enjoy more days and nights here spreading that saved money around town in our local businesses, many of which are very grateful for the boost in revenue!
About halfway between Mammoth and June Lake (off of Highway 395) there are a cluster of four USFS run (read free) campgrounds: Big Springs, Deadman, Glass Creek, and Hartley Springs.  All have pit toilets, fire rings with BBQ's, tables, and surface water.  (at Hartley you have to find the water, but that's part of the fun)  We recommend all 4 of these campgrounds as they are family and OHV friendly.
About dispersed camping: It's allowed.  Just take care in selecting a site, pack out all your trash, tread lightly, don't crush the brush, etc. 
That's it for now, anyone who ever needs more info on camping or recommendations just email the club anytime and we'll get back to you.