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Inyo Freedoms Test for Reading Comprehension

posted May 16, 2012, 10:53 PM by Tony Burgess   [ updated May 17, 2012, 9:14 AM ]
For those that care and pay attention please continue, for those interested in a career in land management take heed.

1. While hiking up to Boundary Peak (on the NV side) with your rifle slung over your back, your right foot accidentally steps into CA and your left hand is clutching a loaded 30 round mag.

Are you,

A. illegal no matter what because just owning a gun changes the nature of our alpine community.

B. legal, because the millimeter line dividing CA and NV wasn't signed. (and all your weight never really transferred to your right foot)

C. dreaming, because no gun owner in their right mind hikes boundary peak.

D. highly illegal because that wasn't even a hiking trail but reclaimed motorized single track that the Friends of the Inyo closed last year.

***   ***   ***

2. The dirt trail you are riding out of Bishop is steadily making its way up to Mammoth, and it wasn't signed.  Because of your sharp GPS and mapping skills you can internally identify the exact moment the Mono County line is crossed.  The trail is still unsigned - what do you do?

A. Knowing full well that unsigned trails are closed in Mono County you accept the full responsibility for your illegal actions, stop the bike, remove the desert tank and dump the full contents over your head and 'flic your bic'.

B. Make a b-line to Tom's Place and give your left arm for a shot of JAG and an Irish coffee.

C. Do nothing but complain and complain later on internet forums like thumpertalk and D37 dual sport.  Local land managers take notice and offer you a temporary internship with California Land Management - not to be confused with the Bureau of Land Management.  On your first day on the job you are schooled on the finer techniques of customer service (debt collection) in the Gull Lake campground.  Doing well you finish out the summer and are offered a new position with the National Parks Service.

D. Make a different non-CTUC approved b-line to the Crowley Lake General Store because you've heard that they now allow beer and wine consumption inside and out in their newly opened backyard.  And what better way to get tuned up for an evening of adult softball?

***   ***   ***

3. Final question.  High along the spine of the Glass Mountain Traverse (INF), you see the same National Forest covering Esmeralda and Mineral counties.  You suddenly realize that by only a quick 20 minutes away select criminal activities become legal.

Do you,

A. pack-up and move to Minnesota?

B. focus on the sweet single track ahead and just momentarily daydream about a land with no building permits or county offices?

C. Call Jerry Counts later to see if he can personally come out and fix the rocky hill-climbs?
"I've got the rocks, you've got the looks, lets make lots of money!"

D. Pony up for some NV land like a few were doing back on April 27, 2012 at the Hawthorne Community Center in Hawthorne, NV.  Raw land was selling for $31 per acre and a nice 2+2 permanent mobile home on a 1/3 acre and partial Walker Lake views sold for $2,200.