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Inyo Freedoms

posted May 10, 2012, 11:17 PM by Tony Burgess   [ updated May 10, 2012, 11:32 PM ]
A few articles back the mention was made that some areas of the Inyo are "more free" than other spots in the same inyo national forest (INF).  Does that sound fair?  It does to this writer because it is well known that life isn't fair.

So what exactly is "more free"?

It is a fact that crosses a myriad of possibilities, some of them are listed below, you the horrorshow audience might even know a few more.

And please pay attention, there will be a test at the end.

On the INF roads are open unless signed closed in Inyo County.
On the INF roads are closed unless signed open in Mono County.
(Inyo county wins)

In the Town of Mammoth open alcohol containers and consumption is good - like Las Vegas, but better because this is the 'high' sierra.
In the Town of Mammoth's Shady Rest Park open alcohol containers and consumption is bad - and against the law.
(TOML wins, unlike the airport lawsuit)

On the INF in Inyo and Mono counties 30 round magazines might be considered a felony.
On the INF in Esmeralda county 30 round magazines are legal, so are 90 round drums.
(INF Esmeralda county wins, and FYI these magazines hold cartridges not bullets)

On the INF in Mono county a firecracker or Pic-a-lo Pete will bring LEO's promptly.
On the INF in Esmeralda county every firecracker and aerial rocket under the Nevada sun is sold at the gas station.  Matches are free.
(OK technically the gas station isn't in the INF but Esmeralda INF claims another win)

In the INF on Inyo/Mono helmets are the law.
In the INF on Esmeralda helmets are optional, and OHV's sans helmets on pavement is normal.
(I'm not sure who wins this round, but keep in mind you are are also free to wear a helmet)

Build a house, cabin, or addition on INF Inyo or Mono County and expect building enforcement plus thousands in fees, and possibly a smack talker on the Sierra Wave's comment section.
Build anything on INF in Esmeralda county - more power to you.
(INF Nevada wins)

Summary before test:

It appears that the following areas can be ranked in the amount of freedom allowed to any individual at any given moment in time...

First place - Baja California.  Sure it's not even CA or INF but she wins in a landslide caveat being, no guns or ammo allowed, and plus, do you really own down there?  Do we here?  And for those crying foul Baja has large pine forests just like us.

Second place - INF Esmeralda County.  Bring us your helmet-less hot tub soaking bottle rocket assault rifle shooting hordes (drinking encouraged, but mota is a felony) and you'll be as close to Baja but minus the six hour drive - no intestine tacos but the Boonies tries!

Third place - INF Inyo County.  Special consideration goes to Paiute Palace Casino, Manor Market,  The Pit, Coyote Flats, safe and sane July 4th, and so many more secrets to remain secrets.

Honorable mentions, in order.
Town of Mammoth Lakes
INF Mono County
Private land in-holdings

Dishonorable mentions.
NPS, wilderness, and California Land Management, aka Inyo Recreation the Cash Land Machine.  CLM.
So everyone knows, some of us crave the NPS and wild managed lands, not the elitist philosophy and politics (profits) behind them.  Contradiction?

"We live on a single tiny world in a cosmos of a hundred billion galaxies, each with a hundred billion stars.  Similarly, we live day by day in a cosmos aged hundreds of billions of days."
The Story of Earth - Robert M. Hazen, check it out at the Mammoth Lakes Library.

Next up: the test for reading comprehension.  Do you feel lucky?