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Ghetto Votes to Send Mono County the Bill

posted Apr 7, 2014, 8:43 AM by Tony Burgess   [ updated Apr 7, 2014, 9:40 AM ]
Elections are right around the corner and it's time for Mammoth voters to drop the apathy and elect some well rounded candidates who also happen to appreciate motorized recreation.  This article we wrote for Bill Sauser, running for district 1 supervisor.  Incidentally, Bill is no stranger to dangerous travel management road closures -- in lean winters these barricades lay only inches under fresh powder and one catapulted him and his snowmobile ass-over-teakettle one grand morning in the Glass Mountains.

A neighborhood of many names, call it the Ghetto, the Heart of Mammoth, or down the street from A-Frame Liquor.  But one thing is certain, the district 1 neighborhood is the working class of Mammoth Lakes.  It contains the single-most concentrated population of Mono County.

In the middle of it live Bill Sauser and his wife, in a small home built in the 60's and a world away from the new phenomenon of "Mc Mansions".

Bill moved to Mammoth in 1958 when he was six years old - population then was about 260 people, for the whole town.  Living in the area for 56 years, he is currently the President of the Southern Mono Historical Society that runs the Hayden Cabin museum on Mammoth Creek.

"Over the years I've put much time and energy into volunteer efforts to help Mammoth and Mono County to become a better place for locals and visitors alike."

This quote from Bill is not merely a handy sound-bite or political lip service.  Volunteering means exactly that - Bill has been volunteering on his own dime, not on any government payroll or newly minted NGO (non-government organization) flush with local tax dollars.  He's been serving 16+ years on the town recreation commission and a consistent advocate for all things recreation.  Partial list below:
  • New parks and updated playground equipment (Trails End Park 2013)
  • Skate parks: Little Brothers (2013), Brothers Skate Park (2007), Shady Rest Skate Park (1999)
  • Ice Rink, Summer Roller Rink, and yearly improvements
  • Whitmore Track and Field
  • Whitmore Pool summer operations
In our eyes Bill stands apart from the others because he is volunteering for the passion of public service - not for the passion of getting wealthy through public service.

Bill brings tolerance and the ability to work with everyone without alienating staff or those groups with differing viewpoints.

His push for county-wide recreation includes all the user groups - and everyone is vital to local economy: equestrian, motorized, campers, hikers, skaters, bird-watchers, youth sports, mountain biking, hunting, and most of all... fishing!

Join us and vote Bill Sauser - Supervisor district 1

Questions?  Please call direct and let him know what is important to you.

Beautiful views of Mono County from Squaw Peak.  Yes, back in the day Bill even volunteered for CSA#1 to get television and radio signals operational up on McGee and Squaw.