In Attendance: 

Members: Joe, Kim, John, James, Jason, Russ                 Guests: Pete

New business:

Joe Parrino: SD meet-up ride was a success, but maybe we will concentrate on a money oriented fundraiser for our next “get together.” Joe also mentioned that future rides should require a Member fee or a “donation.”  Joe talked a little about his application for a permit to operate at the motocross track.  Joe is heading up to the VORA race next weekend (Xtreme Outlaw 250).  Joe also talked a little about the upcoming Mammoth Motocross:  who was there, etc. 

John Connolly:   In regards to the SD meet-up ride:  In the future, smaller groups (in long distance rides) will work better.  John also talked to a representative (Mike), at the visitor center, about the lack of accurate OHV information for visitors.   Mike told John that the visitor center gets an incredible amount of OHV users asking questions – but unfortunately, the visitors are receiving little in return.  Mike explained that no-body rides, so they are unsure as to what to say.  John mentioned our club and its intentions, and that those visitors should be directed to us...  They discussed the future of our trail system and both agreed that we need more signed loops and a more user friendly system of trails.  John informed Mike that Mammoth M.C. wants to see a new and improved trail system, and Mike seemed to be very responsive to these new developments/ides.

John also mentioned that he wants to start thinking about a big ride organized up here. Like a Sierra Safari… 

TRESURY REPORT: $140.00, with 7 paying members… but there are 18 (fence sitters) people on our mailing list??  C’mon show some support!

James Connolly:  Possible ride on July 9th(ish) to Hawthorne (or?) and back (overnighter).  The plans are still being sorted out, but ALL club members are welcome!  No plates necessary, but you will have to do a little street, and your bike must be able to make 100 miles (carry fuel or stash it).

KIM:  In regards to website: She Loved it!  Kim would like to see a list of camping areas (Free) on the website. Also, she’d like to see some Lodging suggestions for out of tourists visiting the site… Mammoth creek inn (link to website) And even a source for mechanic work link on the web and tire changing? Jason and Kim would like to see an all girls ride in the future - or an “adventure ride” for beginners – and the more advanced riders will chase/support.  She also brought up the idea for a Fund raiser ride / BBQ… Web Classifieds section, etc.

RUSS: Loved the website and its edgy appearance.  In regards to the SD meet-up ride, Russ thought it went well – but too many stops.  Russ thinks that an A and B groups would be great (or A, B, and C depending on number of riders) …  with an A rider leading the slower riders. Russ also brought up the idea of a Best in the Desert race campout (for the Vegas to Reno race). Likes the idea to add a membership application page on the website. 

Other: New Executive director chosen for “friends of the Inyo,” Stacy Corless .  

Logo ideas are welcome and encouraged… Jeff (Kim’s Brother) is in the final stages of a possible t-shirt design.  An October adventure ride (plated Bikes only) is in the beginning planning stages – We will ride Death Valley, the OV, Ridgecrest, Kennedy meadows..  Mammoth Lakes start? Ideas are welcome.  John met the man who cut in the long ST section that we rode on Sat.  he invited him to the meeting, but no-show. 


Total dues paid: $40.00 (Joe, Russ)

Fines assessed: 0.00  (consider yourself warned…  Future rides will be enforced)