Meeting minutes for Mammoth Lakes dirt bike club,


In attendance:  Jason Hardin, James Connolly, Joe Parino, John Connolly, Russ Chessler, Kim Pham, Brian Berniskoni, Adam Klimek


Members: ?                 Guests: ?

New business: (5:30) introductions from the front table:

Joe Parrino: President. Started 3 yrs ago.  Joe’s primary focus is to get the track back open!  We need this for our community and our sport.  Free rides and educational classes. Good for business.  .  Joe is working on getting a permit for a motocross track event and green sticker funds.  We need to get a voice and organize everyone who rides.  Members will also receive a discount card (GCC will be one of the stores)

 John Connolly:  Treasurer. Is  a local trail boss – with over 10 years experience under his belt. Mammoth dirtbike club will be run primarily as a social club.  Trail work..  An e-mail list will be created for members to keep in and for planning future events / rides.  We will adopt the bald mtn cabin to not only save the cabin from vandals, but to also get our name out there. Work parties. 

James Connolly:  Secretary.  Focus on trail riding, GPS track library.  Gave Race report for NORRA 1000 and “TEAM CHEAP,”  And possible team for next year (on a CR500R). Who’s interested? His vison is to develop this club as a combined voice for all local riders.  This club will offer it’s members a “intro to GPS course/workshop.”  Focusing on tracks, maps, and computer/gps interface - for interested members.

Other topics of discussion:

Ideas for future Organized rides: Meet-up group from San Diego, Possible meet-up with members From ADV, Kennedy meadows, a night ride, Mammoth to June “monster loop,” minibike adventure ride, long distance adventure ride, cabin party/ride…etc

Old business: none

Total dues paid: $80.00 (John Connolly, James Connolly, Alan Sanchez, Kim Pham)

Fines assessed: $0