Mammoth M/C Meeting Minutes


Members In Attendance: Joe, Kim, Isabel, John, James, Adam,

Guests: John “meatballs” Jr.

New Business


Joe Parrino:  Joe started off the meeting by talking about his two day “Mammoth dual sport” ride. A total of 7 riders made the trip up from San Diego for a weekend of riding, BBQ’s, and adventure.  Friday night, Joe & Marianne hosted a Mexican fiesta dinner for all the riders and club members. The food was fantastic, and the group really lucked out with the weather that night too.

On friday morning, Joe took the group to the top of Minaret Vista. “We left from the Mammoth RV Park to shady rest A to B trail. We road to the power plant and continued on double track trails used by snowmobiles in the winter. It was cool temps overall” said Joe.  “There were many sierra clubbers out hiking on the same trail to the vista who gave plenty of dirty looks as we passed by…”  

The group road a total of 60 miles for the day. 

On Saturday, the group of 7 Started at Mammoth R.V park again, but this time rode all the way to the June Lake Junction for gas -then continued on to the “Whoa Nellie Deli” for lunch.

After Lunch, Joe and the group headed back to Mammoth, but this time taking the west side of Hwy 395.  “The way back was super fun.  We came across a baja bug stuck on our trail,” said Joe. “We helped the stuck bug get unstuck, then continued on the rocky jeep trail. Joey from San Diego punctured his front tire and proceeded to ride the remaining 45 miles on a flat. Joey has Great riding skills and he did very well, considering!”

 What happened?  No tube?  No Irons???  

The moral of the story: Remember to always ride prepared! 

Total miles for the day: 110

Joe also talked about the track, and he had this to say:

To all tracks riders, 
if you had the chance to experience The Mammoth motocross track in the past, Listen up and get on board. Mammoth’s motocross track has been closed to the public for 10 years. Currently, they run a 2 week race in June, and lock the gate up for the rest of the summer! I’ve been full throttle in efforts to get the track open for the months of July through November - for practice riding, family educational camps, and high altitude testing/tuning.

I recently had the chance to speak at Mammoth’s Tourism & Recreation board meeting regarding reopening the track.  I was allowed 5 minutes during “public comment,” … and 15 minutes later I ended up on the agenda for the Nov. meeting. Looks like time is finally paying off!

So anyways, If you have some free time, send an email of support ( and let me know why you want the track to be reopened.  A four sentence letter can go a long way with our mission, and I might even read your letter to the board member!  Along with letters, we also need large show of supporters (riders or not).  The next meeting will be on November 9th at 4:00pm in suite Z.  suite Z is located above the movie theater.  This is a must show for all our motorcycle riders in Mammoth and Bishop.  Your presence will make all the difference to get the track open.  Dave McCoy will be in attendance as well to show his support, and so should you.

Thanks for all your support!

Joe Parrino


John Connolly:   John recently met with Marty from USFS in Bishop and created a first round CTUC map of our area stretching from Bishop to Mono Lake and out to Nevada.  In this map, John was careful to include most all comments we received and added in a few extra special touches like free OHV friendly camping, fishing spots, hot springs, gas and beer locations, plus a few of our good loops and corridors.

Especially mentioned were:
Crater Loop
Look out loop
Mammoth to June to Lee Vining "high trails"
Glass Mountain traverse
James's connectors between the various loops
Beginner trails along 395
And a few other destination trails like Laurel Lakes, Wheeler Crest, Minaret Vista, Hot Spring trail, etc.

Now, because this map covers so much area, it won't really be that helpful in the field while out riding and exploring for area visitors.  But it will give them a lot to consider so far as what it out there and the types of adventures that await.  The plan is to have the final draft ready by November and then next year to create a couple more maps but have them cover a smaller area with more full detail. 



James Connolly:  James talked a little about the member only “google group.” As some of you may know, Mammoth M/C members use a private google group to pass on important news and other various club material.  That being said, James wants to remind everyone (guilty parties especially) that the google group should stay dirtbike oriented and or club oriented.  So, If you have access to post on the message board, please remember: No posting of non OHV/MMC propaganda. Thanks! 

James also discussed the upcoming NORRA 1000 vintage race in Baja (May 4th – 8th).  The last time this race was held, James, Adam, Brian, and Jason (all Mammoth M/C members) finished 7th in class and 24 overall in a 1978 Ford Bronco. Next year, with the addition of John Connolly, they’ll be taking on Baja once again… But this time it will be on 2 wheels (Class 7A).

 Work has already begun on the 2 clapped out 1984 CR500s.  The two bikes have been torn down, inspected, and combined into one – leftover parts are plentiful.  As it stands, we’ve got 6 months to prep the bike, (look for sponsors), and formulate our race strategy.  Wish us luck!

 James also talked a little bit about next month’s meeting location.  Instead of the ole restaurant/bar meeting place, We’ve decided to mix it up a bit.  So…  Mammoth M/C  will be hosting its first  open house garage meeting on November 18th, @ 5:00pm, with free beer and hotdogs!


Website report

Our website has been live for 4 months, and in that time it has received over 2000 hits and close to 10,000 page views.  Website traffic is slowing – probably due to time of year. Our most popular page, the gps downloads, is holding strong at 713 views.

If you have some time (and if you haven’t already), check out the new ride report up on the website.  It was a ALL girls ride around Crowley lake:         

Treasury Report

Bank Roll: $415 dollars with 21 paid members

Recent Purchases:  None

Fines assessed: 0.00 

Mammoth M/C would like to welcome its 2 newest members!

 Sam Hoffman (Joined 9-20-2010), and John Graves (Joined 10-20-2010)