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No Permission

posted Mar 20, 2013, 2:58 PM by Smokey Bear

Joe's Dirt Report for Winter 2013
No Permission Productions  Presents: "Join Us In Rumbling: the town on Street Legal Plated motorcycles In Mammoth Lakes, Ca. June 22-24 2013. Check Back on this website for more Information on Local Sponsors offering Deals, on Lodging, Restraurnts, Bars, and other  CENSORED activities going on during The Annual Mammoth Motocross Race Event. Contact only by Phone or email your questions from this website. THIS IS A PRIVATE VENUE, not a town or Mammoth Mountain Ski Area Event.   Plenty of time to plan to attend our Exciting Venue on the STREETS or the DIRT This Summer!! Clubs And Groups need to take advantage of the great lodging deals from our biggest Sponsor Mammoth Properties.



FOR MORE INFORMATION, contact Joe Parrino: 


posted Mar 20, 2013, 2:52 PM by Smokey Bear

Hey Everyone Joe here with the latest update regarding The Mammoth Motocross track open for more public use in 2013. Some of you know The Mammoth track was closed to the public in the early 2000. Since the closure the town of Mammoth has been really feeling the affect during the summer months.The Mammoth politicians won't admit it but are really dropping the ball for the future of Mammoths vision to become the best place for all recreation activities. The town also owes 29.5 million for a lawsuit they lost.

The town had the permit for the track and was working on operating it through the recreation department.The town was charging Mammoth mountain ski area 300 grand to use the track for the annual MX race in June.The mountain was able to get the permit back and the town lost the extra income. The track is in Mono County limits.We have new Mono County Supervisors filling seats in Jan 2013. One of the new supervisors Tim Fesko is a big O.H.V advocate and host a ATV Jamboree for UTV and Quads every June in Coleville Ca.The new goal is for Mono County to pull a permit to operate the track after Mammoths Annual race.The track will be used for High altitude training, practice, freeriding, Train with the pros, Product testing,and fundraiser events.I do have 2 supervisors on board. It's very important to show up to the Supervisor meeting Tuesday April 16 2013 at 9:00am on the 3rd floor of the Sierra mall on Old Mammoth Road across from Vons. I'm on the Agenda so please show up for support.
We need to pack the room like we did at the Mammoth Rec Commission meeting. Mono county residents need to be at this meeting.You vote for Mono County supervisors. Mono County is really taken charge and marketing June Lake area as A O.H.V friendly family destination.The timing is good to get Mono County on board with our growing sport. Any questions please call or email off this website. I can't get things done without your bodies filling the room.  Put the date on your calendar now and SHOW UP!!!

Email: for more information. HELP GET OUR TRACK BACK IN 2013!!

Joe-show - pre-summer udpates

posted Jun 15, 2011, 4:18 PM by Tony Burgess

Our May23 local meeting didn't have the best attendance for our new U.S.F.S meet and greet. For all that did show, Thank you for your support and all your comments to Ed Armenta. Ed listened to local families complaints and concerns about a popular staging area, Shady Rest Park in Mammoth Ca. Shady Rest caters to all recreation. He uderstands the impact in a small area can create conflicts. He said, "I will research the background regarding why the track was closed to the public". Ed is a man of his word, and I trust we will get answers. Ed never mentioned anything about Washington DC's policies regarding user groups sports using public land. I did find this policy: MULTIPLE USE SUSTAINED YIELD ACT, STATUE THAT AUTHORIZES MANY FOREST ACTIVITIES ON PUBLC LAND. Powder mountain ski area in Utah has a motocross track built with big jumps on the ski hill. It is U.S.F.S land. Check it out on

Our annual Mammoth motocross race date is June 16-26. Our Mammoth Mountain (host and permit holder) of the track refuse to believe the MX groups will come ride the track if it was open to public 3 days a week for fun, practice, and high altitude training. Our local X games gold metalist in skiercross, Johny Teller rides motocross tracks during the off season for training. My goal is to show our local government (decission makers) how big the MX industry has grown. If you are in town for the race, SHOW UP AT THE TOWN COUNCIL MEETING ON JUNE 15 AT 6:00 IN SUITE Z IN THE VONS CENTER. Our Goal is to pack the room with all visitor teams, kids, and all family members who will love to come stay and ride our Mammoth MX track from July to Nov. THIS MEETING IS A MUST SHOW!!

Visit or Email: for more information. HELP GET OUR TRACK BACK IN 2011!!

Dirtbike Riders Helping the Economy - Bring Millions to Mammoth

posted Nov 30, 2010, 9:19 AM by Smokey Bear   [ updated Nov 30, 2010, 9:33 AM ]

Original Article, "More use of Mammoth Motocross Track," was written by Written by Benett Kessler on
Monday, 22 November 2010 17:42.  It and can be found on

While Town of Mammoth officials talk about how to manage tax money for recreation facilities in town, Joe Parrino of Mammoth Lakes continues to raise the Motocross track as a recreation possibility for nearly half of the year.

Parrino said that as a boy, he used to enjoy the motocross track after school in the 70s. He said back then it was open seven days a week, and it was free. Parrino said the Forest Service would consider this with the right financial backing, security and maintenance.

Parrino thinks Mammoth Mountain could get behind this idea which he feels would generate millions for the community. In a letter to the editor, Parrino says, "Here we have a world famous amenity used by guests and locals for over 40 years, bringing in millions of dollars every time there is a race event;" Parrino estimates that the motocross race vent brings over $3 million into the town. He suggests the track could be marketed for high altitude training, research and testing.

Parrino asks that those interested should attend the December 7 meeting of the Mammoth Recreation Commission.

Go to the original article to view and post comments:

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written by o2lvnmmth , November 23, 2010
absolutely. Open the motocross track BUT that should be the ONLY place they can ride. They aren't user friendly for other users, ie. they really can't share give them their own place to ride, but no place year, I'd like to see it, Motocross track open, no dirt bikers wrecking other trails. win win deal
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written by Rob , November 23, 2010
o2lvnmmth - The motocross track might open again, but thank goodness you'll never get the rest of what you want. I can ride my dirtbike anywhere a jeep can go, and many places they can't all legally. 

Opening the motocross track will never have anything to do with closing other trails. I'm pleasantly comfortable in knowing you'll never get what you want. 

Have a nice day
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written by Smokey Bear , November 23, 2010
I know you heard this before, but I’ll go ahead and tell you again… Categorizing all motorized users into one “anti-access basket” seems rather naive. Wouldn’t you say o2lvnmmth? And the spreading of ignorant comments on Sierra Wave does nothing to help the relationship between the user groups you speak of. Does it? 
FYI: In case you didn’t know, Dirtbike riders in the Mammoth lakes area have recently decided to step up to the plate and start getting involved with local agencies on all matters of OHV access. We (OHV users) will no longer sit idly by while anti access groups get their hands on our trails and our track! 
Thanks for the article Sierra Wave! What Parrino is doing with the track is admirable! 
Thanks Joe! 
Visit our website: to learn more about the Mammoth Motorcycle Club… and get involved! 

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written by Steve Surber , November 23, 2010
Specializing in providing Insurance for both race and practice tracks nationwide. In the event the concern is raised regarding proper insurance. We have several programs and have helped with Pam Rake in the past for the Mammoth races. 
Steve Surber 
Area Vice President 
Arthur J Gallagher 
Motorsports division.
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written by bltnmammoth , November 23, 2010
All of the MX riders I have met on trails and out at Shady Rest this year have been very polite. I always make my dogs sit at the side of the road when they approach - all of the bikes slow down, ride single file and wave as they pass. Not a bad experience so far.....
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written by I for an eye , November 23, 2010
Obviously o2lvnmmth doesnt ride a dirt bike. Not all riders enjoy a motocross track. There are many trails in our area that should be enjoyed by all people. There are also several trails in our area that are not accessible to dirt bikes, therefore allowing folks like o2lvnmmth to walk peacefully on " un-wrecked" trails. And if o2lvnmmth could further explain to me just how dirt bikes wreck a dirt trail,that would be greatly appreciated. And since the issue of "bikers" came up maybe we can make another track in another location for road biking, seeing as how they are always crowding the road and have no regard for motor vehicles. Ever heard of single file? Mammoth mountain is a ski resort for skiing. Should we mandate that cross country skiers have to stay on the mountain only, because they litter trails constantly? Or we can go back to agreeing to disagree like we have been for years. 
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written by Greg Meade , November 29, 2010
I moved my family and I to Mammoth to ride the course everyday for exercise more than a decade ago, and , then, "they" closed it for no good reason except of a worry about the lawyers in California, and some dumb client wanting to sue the Inyo National forest service. How about all of us having a bit of common sense to be careful when we ride, and the Judges in California start saying, you are the dummy who got hurt, try to be careful next time, and get out of my court house. While on this subject, how about Inyo Nat. Forest start providing more trails, instead of less, for the people who pay their salary, us tax paying motorized dirt bike riders. :) Greg
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Motorized Users are Welcome in Mammoth Lakes, CA

posted Nov 30, 2010, 9:03 AM by Smokey Bear

Original Article, "Joe Parrino on Motocross Track," was written on Monday, 22 November 2010 13:21, and can be found on


Letter to the Editor:
Town Council is considering how to manage the spending of Measure R and Measure U funds, appointing committee members to help with the issue and considering some very high-end, and worthwhile, projects. All in the name of addressing the needs of ALL recreation opportunities in Mammoth for residents and visitors, and to create a sustainable economy year-round. The projects under consideration all require enormous capital outlay, and one recreational opportunity missing from the discussions is to open up the existing Motocross track for public recreational riding.

Here we have a world famous amenity used by guests and locals for over 40 years, bringing in millions of dollars every time there is a race event; fills our lodging establishments, restaurants, retail stores, grocery stores, bars, gas stations, movie theater, and businesses; visitors renting bikes, boats, fishing tackle, paddle boards, kayaks, and attending local town events. A breed that travels in large groups, family members, and all their friends showing support for a fun sport with ear to ear smiles. If you guessed our Mammoth Motocross Track - correct! A two-week race in June only? Locked gate the rest of the year? The motocross race event brings over 3 million dollars into Town. This facility already exists. It is a turn key operation. The Town held the permit to operate the track and neglected its importance to our local economy and let it go (to the Mountain). Why did they drop the ball? We also need to market it for high altitude research & development testing. All of the motorcycle manufacturers and factories would bring next year's prototype bikes with all the team riders to train. A team brings a minimum 15 people in their group. A TOT REVENUE SOURCE to support our community? Notice the empty businesses on Old Mammoth Road and elsewhere in Town?

I'm full throttle with the intentions to have our track open to the public in 2011. I posted my mission on Facebook a few weeks ago and am now receiving numerous emails each day in support of opening the track for public use. MX riders replying from all states and cities - Nevada, Arizona, California, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Orange County, and other states and cities in the nation. The permit for the track is issued each year, and the Town should make every effort to obtain the permit in 2011, allowing a Special Event permit to the Mountain for the June races (this is how it was before the Town gave it up). In the past the State of California Parks & Recreation funded the track with O.H.V funds. They will help fund the track with green sticker grant money raised by gas taxes, and all OHV registrations.

Anyone with an interest in local motocross riding, and any business or lodge owner concerned about their profit margin, especially during the shoulder seasons, please show up to the Recreation Commission meeting Tues. Dec.7 at 4:00 in Suite Z above the movie theater in Von's center. Please don't assume someone will show up to represent you. For more information, please visit and consider getting involved. Now is the time.

Joe Parrino

Visit the Sierra Wave website to view and post comments about this article:

Our Friend Joe!

posted Nov 10, 2010, 10:55 AM by Smokey Bear   [ updated Nov 10, 2010, 11:10 AM ]

Your Friend, Joe Parrino, has recommended the following page on Racer X!

Title: getting back the mammoth motocross track to the people 

Your friend, Joe Parrino,  also included this personal message:

" Please visit and get involved in the efforts to get our mammoth motocross track open for more public use in 2011.
I went to mammoth high school in the 70's and rode the track after school. Now the track is open for 2 weeks of racing in June and the gate is locked the rest of the summer. My goal is to get our track open from July to Nov. for more public use. I need every MX rider to send me emails why you want the Mammoth track open for practice and high altitude training and testing. I'm on the Ca. O.H.V commission that's helping my mission to get the track open for more public use. Every sent email counts in supporting this world known GP track future for more public use. Step up to the plate and write how you will come to Mammoth Ca. to ride your bikes heart out."

Thank you for your support!                                                                                            Joe Parrino,                                                                                                              founder of 

Re-open our track!

posted Jul 21, 2010, 4:31 PM by Jim Planet

original material published in the Mammoth Times, "Election News"  
Friday 19, March 2010

 excerpt taken from: Allen Blumer’s campaign statement.

    “... Joe Parrino, of “Bear-With-Us” and also “” is absotively-posilutely correct in his attempts to open the Mammoth track more often during the summer. The one week of racing brings in tons of tourists and money for our community as well as international TV exposure. Shady Rest and Sherwin Creek campgrounds were jam packed that whole week. I would also like to see professional snowmobile racing events out there. It would not degrade the track and I’m pretty darn sure that ESPN and other sports channels would avidly cover such an event. In fact, I believe that would necessitate snow plowing and opening Shady Rest for at least part of the winter. You can bet that Mammoth RV Park would love to have such an event occur!!

Joe, in the News! Year-round Motocross Track!

posted Jul 21, 2010, 4:03 PM by Jim Planet   [ updated Jul 22, 2010, 1:12 PM by Tony Burgess ]

Original material was written by "
DangerousDave," and can be 
found on Thread entitled, "Mammoth Mx track/UPDATE."

    "Hey Guys and Gals, Joe, from Mammoth, Has been busy, going to meetings and really accomplishing feats that has been along time comming. As of 2/09/2010, a news colume in the Mammoth Times has got the town and forestry dept. taking a real serious look at Joe's proposals for the future of more events and use of the track. I'll try to attach the clip but I'm still a novice on the computer but I'll give it a shot. If it does not attach I'll keep tryin just like when I was a beginner tryin to jump my first set of doubles. If it does not come clean and I can't stick it, Here's what it pretty much states: the head line-
"Year-round Motocross idea needs more work"
                                By Wendilyn Grasseschi(Mammoth Times staff writer)

        A proposal to open the Mammoth Motocross track during the summer and fall might be a good idea, but it's going to take a lot more work before it can be more than an idea.
        Joe Parrino, a long-time motorcycle enthusiast, suggested the idea to the Mono County Board of Supervisors this week.
        His idea is to open the track for most of the summer and fall, use it for education and events, create a non-profit to manage the site and create memberships for families and individuals who would use the track frequently.
        "People who ride spend alot of monies in the communties they ride in," he said, "People come with their families. I get e-mails every day, people looking for some place to ride here. We are missing out on an untapped resource"
         The board was intrigued, but wary. What about Mammoth Mountain Ski Area (MMSA owns the infrastructrure at the Motocross track), they asked?  What about the Forest Service (who owns the land under the track)?  What about the town of Mammoth Lakes (who manages the permit the Mountain has for the Motocross event)?
         Parrino said he'd stopped talkinf to the Forest Service after some problems with them several years ago and he expressed frustration with his ability to talk to the Mountain about the issue as well, due to previous problems.
         "Yes, we talked to Joe a few years ago and I told him then that he was going to have to get an agreement with Mammoth Mountain Ski Area and the Town before we could look at his application," Inyo National Forest Deputy District Ranger, Schlafmann said. "In fact, I just turned down someone else this week for the same reason."
If Parrino doesn't get such agreements, he has to demonstrate the "financial and technical ability" to buy his own infrastructure, and, at minimum, make sure all security issues were managed, Schlafmann said. We are not the ones who can give you an anwser on this," said supervisor Tom Farnetti at the board meeting. Regardless, county staff will take a closer look at the issue and get back to the board in the next few months.      

Printed in the Mammoth Times ,issue for the month of February 5-11, 2010

          Well, it looks like we're rockin the boat for more use of   "PUBLIC" lands, not Forestry land owned by the Forest Service Dept.    Remeber  that this is a  built on Democracy, "IT'S WE THE PEOPLE" and it's public land for the people. Why can we have HANG TOWN, HUNGRY VALLEY and the like and not run and controll the Mammoth MX track and more, the same. In a down economy, we really need to generate more resources and I can see a real positive resource here that will give us what we want and need. Spread this article around, if possible bring it up at any meetings for disscusion, we, all of us riders and enthusiasts, need to help get the word out, support this movement with e-mail, donations needed so on and so fourth. I'll bring you more as soon as it becomes public knowledge."


posted Jul 12, 2010, 9:16 AM by Jim Planet   [ updated Nov 5, 2010, 4:41 PM by Smokey Bear ]

Thank you,
Joe Parrino

Protecting our forests?

posted Jul 12, 2010, 9:09 AM by Jim Planet   [ updated Nov 5, 2010, 4:42 PM by Smokey Bear ]

"Hey motorized 2 wheel M/C riders need to check 
and sign up with Americans for responsible recreational access web site
It's an attack against our enemies in the Senate and congress, who are closing our trails in our area. 
They mention how Boxer,Fienstein, and Bucky Mckeon plan destroying the economics in Rural areas, especially in Mammoth Lks. and Mono County. Us local riders see this when trails are closed by CENSORED CENSORED CENSORED CENSORED CENSORED CENSORED CENSORED CENSOREDCENSORED CENSORED CENSORED CENSORED
fill out the letter and submit it...

Thank you.
Joe Parrino 

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