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Bald Mountain cabin

Plenty of commentary as usual - you can count on it!
"Leave it better than you found it"

A simple message that goes a long way when it comes to public property or public lands for that matter.

Directions: about 10 miles north of Mammoth and after Deadman Summit there is a turn off from the 395 marked Bald Mountain Road.  Exit the 395 and follow the Bald Mountain signs (as shown on map below).  It's easy and maybe 12 miles total, roads are wide and graded and except for a little steepness at the end anyone can drive up.  Pulling a trailer could get tricky.
Along the way are several free camping spots, pull off the road and make yourself at home.
And, you'll pass one of our favorite singletrack trails "runway", an innocent bystander to travel management, luckily it still makes for a fun dog-walk or scenic hike.  I like to kick dead bushes off it while strolling along.

If you didn't know, cabins like this are all around: in the mountains, valleys, and deserts.  They make for memorable side trips and camp spots.  Most remain hidden for good reason.  This one had been neglected for so long that our club made a point to go out and spruce it up.  To our surprise someone else had beat us to it.
New wood stove and flue, window, and a few other nice touches made our job a lot easier.  In this case, procrastination was a good thing.  Although it's labeled as a 'warming cabin' don't let that moniker under exaggerate it's usefulness.  There is no water, but a nice two-holer outhouse nearby with nicer toilet paper than we're used to at the local civic offices.
Check out these front door views, beats our cabin back home.

Some folks don't get it.  I mean, is this what you'd do to your house?  Haha!  Many of us have cabins and enjoy fixing them up for family and friends to come and use.  There is something to be said for those who can appreciate the old stuff.

Another welcome upgrade: all those business cards posted all over the walls and ceilings looked as tacky as a rhino in the McDonalds drive through.  Nice bulletin board now, thanks!  Even a bunch of dollar bills hanging around in case someone needs a little gas money.
Check out the metal work on the top and bottom of the front door - keeping out critters and wind carrying snow.
I could make a meal out of this, we cleaned mouse crap off the shelves.  Bring your own pot. (cooking utensil)

The views towards Mammoth Mountain.  See the Jeffery Pine forest?  It's the largest on the planet.  So much good stuff tucked away in those woods.  Lots of MC specific trails were closed - some might say the forest is now left better than we found it, but that's debatable.

Cashbaugh on coyote patrol, they reeled him in, again.  In the distance it looks like crop circles.  Further on and top right screen is the Laurel Lakes trail.  Free creek side camping there too.
Close up on the circles.  Tests, geothermal, aliens, burns, who knows?

A few things are needed up there: clothespins, new broom, more wood.  A little TLC goes a long way.
Great spot for a night or two, first come first served.

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