Next stop... Baja

posted Nov 2, 2010, 3:44 PM by Smokey Bear   [ updated Mar 19, 2011, 5:18 PM ]
The actual plan, to race in the 2011 Mexican 1000, was hatched in a seedy bar in San Felipe - just after finishing the 2010 Mexican 1000.   

As many know, Baja can be unforgiving (most of the time), but this time we ended up doing fairly well for ourselves.  Finishing a respectable 24th overall and 7th in category 1.  

Needless to say, we were riding high on confidence, that night in San Felipe so we decided to mix it up a bit for 2011 - and  Instead of four wheels, we decided to go with two.

And Category 8A it shall be...

So the plan was set, and the 4.5 members of the Mammoth Motorcycle Club will once again start the preparations for a strong finish in LaPaz!  

Our 2 wheeled weapon choice will be a 1984 CR500R.  The 84 500 weighs in at 224lbs (dry), a 5-speed trans, and a 491cc  two-stroke motor that produces a healthy 58 horses @ 8500 rpm (Not bad for 1984... and a roundslide carb)!   Due to the stock porting, The 84 CR has incredible top end power (maybe the best of all 500's), but it's lightswitch powerband curve makes it a little "unruly" to handle.   

Nevertheless, with a few well placed engine, suspension and carburetion modifications, she'll end up being a suitable weapon for Baja.



The race is approx 1060 miles - Starting in the Capitol Of Baja California - Mexicali, and finishing in La Paz.  This race was designed primarily for vintage off road racing vehicles (Cars, Buggy's, Trucks, and bikes), but you will see the occasional modern vehicle as well.  
Unlike the SCORE style of off road racing where you do not stop until you've reached the finish, NORRA has adopted a much more mellow rally format were the race is split up between 3 days   -  Overnighting in Bay of LA on day one, and Loreto on day two.  
A 3 day race allows for repairs at night, and time for the locals to get up close and personal with all the entries.   

Google map of the racecourse

2010 Mexican 1000 race course

Here's a couple videos (Not mine) featuring technical inspection, the start line, and a few miles in - 2010 Mexican 1000.  Some interesting stuff out there last year.  

The Mammoth M/C desert racing team has come a long way in a very short time - and it couldn't have been possible without support from offroad oriented business.  We cant thank our sponsors enough for all of their generous donations to our team!  Please take the time to visit and support the people that support us:

Baja Designs:  The manufacturer of high quality off road equipment and premier supplier of race lighting, off-road lighting and many other bike and ATV enhancing products.

C Plastics: Specializing in manufacturing vintage motorcycle plastic and accessories, DC also sells after-market accessories for vintage bikes from companies like: DG , Hi-Flite, Terrycable, Boyesen, Maico Only, Pro Form, Emgo, The Seat Factory, Uni Filter, All Balls, EBC, Bikemaster, Cometic,  Magnum, Daystar & YZ Decals. DC is your #1 source for vintage mx and enduro parts.

Buchanan's has been making their own line of spokes since 1971 for motorcycles, as well as vintage cars and antique airplanes.  All of Buchanan's spokes are manufactured in-house using only American milled and certified wire.  They  also stock undrilled steel and aluminum alloy rims that can be drilled for both stock and custom wheel assemblies. Our own Sun Rims are manufactured in-house.  

Clarke Manufacturing Co. provides the off-road community with the highest quality aftermarket 
long range fuel cells for not only motorcycles but also 3 and 4 wheeled ATV's as well. Clarke also provides high quality stock replacement tanks to meet the discriminating demands of professional racers and amateur enthusiasts all over the world. Clarke uses the finest materials available to produce a product that matches up against any other aftermarket fuel tank on the market today. 

Dirt Tricks has the solution to your sprocket needs!               

The "Ironman Sprocket" is one of those legendary products which has proven itself under the harshest riding and racing environments on the planet. Ironman sprockets are made of heat treated, nickel/chrome plated, chrome-molly steel that is 2.5 times stronger than stainless steel & 3 times stronger than 7075 aluminum.  When 

 properly bolted to an intact hub, 

Ironman Sprockets 

can handle a load in excess of 8000 pounds of chain tension. This is far greater than the stress your chain can handle before failure. Most chains fail at about 7200 pounds of tension.  Ironman

r sprockets have been proven under the toughest environments in the world including: ISDE,  WEC, The Australian Safari, AMA National Enduro, Hare and Hound, and Hare Scrambles Series, GNCC, WORCS, BITD,  SCORE and Dakar to name a few.


On Race Day, Our bike will be supported by the most successful Race team in the desert.  The CHECKERS Off-road Racing Team has more wins in Baja than any other team in history.


On Race day You'll be able to track our progress through the desert with our S.P.O.T satellite tracker that'll be mounted on the bike.  Our SPOT Satellite GPS Tracker will provide our rider with a vital line of communication between friends and family when he wants it, and emergency assistance when he needs it. Using 100% satellite technology, SPOT works virtually anywhere in the world, even where cell phones don’t – all with the push of a button.


Turning a regular 1984 CR500R... 

Picture below was "borrowed" from Pic Looks similar to the state of our bike prior to reconstruction .

Into a vintage Baja race bike... !

Here she is, sporting Baja Designs HID headlight, Baja Designs 1.5 gallon side panel fuel tank (originally designed for KTM), and oversized Clarke fuel tank

more build pictures to come!  Please check back later...