5/3/2014 Fish Lake Valley with Uncle Randy


Fish Lake Valley ride report  

Members:  Johnston, Kim, James, Jason (the Prez).

Guests:  Joe G., “Uncle Randy”

Member that had the great idea to organize a trip out to  FLV but couldn't make it because of a Super Typhoon down in the Santa Ana area (or possibly something else entirely): Russ   

actual photo of Super typhoon “Chessler” making landfall around the  Santa Ana/Orange County area of California.  Residents run for their lives as 70mph winds rip across sections of hwy...  local travel not recommended.

...So if you missed this one, you missed it. 

A few of the Original founding members showed up to ride, along with guest “Uncle Randy.” Uncle Randy planned this ride around his spring break vacation from UCSB, and made the trip out to FLV with his younger brother Joe G. (Joe G. lives in mammoth... not to be confused with Joe P.).  

It should be noted that Randy enjoys destroying his brother’s vehicles, protecting birds from hunters, and picking up cigarette butts; he refuses to join "a club like this."

View from U.S. Route 6:  Hwy of the Grand Army of the Republic.  

From Mammoth, the 2 hour drive out to FLV seemed short.  Crossing in to NV is like a breath of fresh air for us Californians… pistol grip firearms (with regular cap mags) and dangerous fireworks are welcome - road closures are not.  

Law enforcement and the enviro-nazi presence is practically non-existent.   

Campground in Fish Lake Valley, NV.  
We enjoyed the idea of being freer than we usually are. 

As far as the trip goes, The weather stayed pretty good the entire time, while the ass-hattery starting in almost immediately – fireballing, storytelling, bench racing, teriyaki chicken on the BBQ with cold beer & a hot spring swimming pool (@ n/c).

Yes, it was a rough first night, but the group seemed to get it together well enough for a hundred mile ride the next day. 

The next day, we rode: Easy fireroads, rocky ATV trails, sand washes, and some newly created singletrack...

Uncle Randy, stuck in a root/rut/hole.

View from 7000'

One of our riders (and no, it wasn't Alan) decided that going slow on boring roads was... boring (especially when there’s steep death drops on the edges).  This rider, aka "Bermbanger," picked up the pace, & eventually slammed... into the berm.  Death drop narrowly avoided.

There was slight knee injury to follow but nothing too serious.  

Dyer, NV:  Bermbanger (pictured above w/ pink cap) was banned to the baja bug for the rest of the trip.  


We eventually made our way over to the nice town of Silver Peak - low on fuel and thirsty. There wasn't a formal gas station in Silver Peak, but they did have a sweet bar ("Old School") and a couple of ripe old timers hooked us up with a few cups of low octane gasoline, cold beer and $2 tacos.  

Silver Peak, NV.  Old School Bar on left

A local man also gave me some advice.. “next time you come to Silver Peak, come prepared!”  I thanked them for that, but what fun would that be?   

New house Rule:  Children are no longer allowed to play pool in this bar.  We couldn't agree more!

    2$ tacos  were great                       Uncle Randy (pictured left) enjoying a beer and a smoke (yes, you're allowed) at the Old School Bar


                                                              Joe G, cheating his older brother at arm wrestling.  Uncle Randy 2,  Joe 0.

After the Silver Peak arm wrestling competition, we headed back to camp for some more beer and water.  At camp, a few of us took to the sand washes and ridgelines of the surrounding hills.  This happened to be some of the best riding of the trip!  Desert riding at its finest, and not a single (Friends of Greedsticker Cash) barricade found!

We’re looking forward to coming back, as we've only just scratched the surface!

 CRF450X with environmentally friendly "Competition" Exhaust. 

After a few long games of “follow the leader,” "wheelie the hill" and “loose the cell phone in the desert,” we headed back to camp and regrouped for a ride (more of a race) over to Dyer for beer and mortars...   

The Executioner.  A High quality mortar variety pack providing hours of fun!! El Presidente seen here (right) with a few packs of roman candles (these roman candles were given to us free of charge by the local fireworks lady, and they were high quality) for a late night 4th of july celebration.

After hanging around Dyer for a bit, the group finally made it back to camp in one piece (barely) with a little over 95 miles on the gps & Baja bug not broken.   

    ***just before the sunset fireworks show, a couple of Russ's college girlfriends showed.  Upset that Russ was down south volunteering at the Typhoon disaster site, the 2 girls decided to let it all hang loose - topless hotubbing and a game "hide the trog with Uncle Randy" ensued.  

Uncle Randy was overheard saying, "I've lived this long, I aint goin out like that!!!"

More on that at the next meeting...


GPS tracks available to members only.  Pictures courtesy of El Prez, Johnstan &  James