Welcome to Part 2 of our trip!

Our Group woke up relatively early... considering all the overconsumption the night before.  One of the first things the group saw... 

Dr. Alans ass!  Take a good look!

And it was absolutely beautiful!  colored with bruises and gouges running up his back. 
 Since Dr. Alan couldn't sit (and barely walk), he was out - and into the chase truck for the rest of the ride.  Sam wasnt doing to good either.  His shoulder suffered a slight sepparation - he was out too, and John took the reins of the CRF250X

After breakfast we said out goodbuys to Johnston - he needed to get back to Mammoth and was taking the slab back.
 We then loaded up, refueled, and hit the trail back to June Lake

John (above), and Kim and Angel (below) coming up Lucky boy Pass...  Hawthorne is but a memory now.

The group made good time through Aurora Valley

The Chase truck was waiting (not to long this time) with some food and drink.  Angel threw in the towel, loaded up the DR, and said his good-buys - He missed Los Angeles...

  Here's what happened next...  


Kim called this one the  "Gultch of Death."  Not sure why...  

Here's John..  the 250x made quick work

Kim's turn...

Up and out..  around the many spectators and past the "waterfall of doom."

Weird, so smooth....  NOT.

John and Kim taking a short break on top of the "waterfall of Doom."

Lots of Long and Boring roads led us back to June Lake... 
and a few breaks. 
I hope you enjoyed our Hawthorne ride report.  
 If you're interested in doing this ride as well,  CLICK HERE for the GPS download