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Smokey Bear Flat & Mammoth Lakes

June and Mammoth Lakes Area Snowmobile Tracks and Special Waypoints!

    If snowmobiling is your passion, these June Lake and Mammoth Lakes area GPS tracks are what you must have!  These tracks have been arranged in a color coded format (.gdb).  When viewed in garmin mapsource program, you will notice the different colored tracks. The Blue, green, and purple tracks indicate groomed trails, while Red and Grey indicate un-groomed trails and fun tree-runs!  

The .gpx track file has been cleaned up and divided into 20 total tracks, each one is less than 500 track points each – perfect for handhelds.  This file doesn’t contain every GPS snowmobile route in the Mammoth Lakes area, but it’s more than enough for a Solid weekend of fantastic riding and exploring – the rest is up to you!! 

The amount of waypoints is minimal, and done for easy navigation while on your sled. 


We’ve also included a special hot spring location waypoint – only accessible by snowmobile in the winter!  The file is in both .gdb and .gpx format, viewable in garmin mapsource program.  

These Mammoth gps tracks were specifically designed for use out of, and staging from the
Smokey Bear Flat area.  The Smokey Bear Flat area is a designated an official open area for snowmobilers, as it offers over 500 acres of open riding… and plenty of FREE parking.  Despite what some individuals may think, the Smokey Bear Flat play area is NOT owned or "controlled" by any private business - it is public land, and any business that operates there does so through permits issued by and overseen the US Forest Service.     

As usual, these tracks are COMPLETELY FREE of charge!


Due to the amount of tracks in this file, some are cut out of the google map above

SelectionFile type iconFile nameDescriptionSizeRevisionTimeUser

  58k v. 3 Jun 8, 2010, 2:45 PM Smokey Bear

  305k v. 3 Jun 8, 2010, 2:49 PM Smokey Bear