Pumice Valley (intermediate - 96 miles)

    The ole "Pumice Valley Loop..."  Named after all the sand you encounter on the trail (One of my favorites).  This one can start at either Mammoth (Shady Rest Park), or June Lake (June Lake Junction gas station.  This is also a good ride if you're staying at any of these 4 FREE campgrounds (Hartley Springs, Glass Creek, Deadman, or Big Springs).  This loop is considered an intermediate level ride, but due to the distance, advanced riders will find it enjoyable as well.   This loop is not for beginner riders.

    No matter where you plan on starting this loop, it's important to remember that you must go in a Clockwise direction - that would mean doing the light blue track first then the dark Blue track.  The main reason for riding in a clockwise direction (North first), is that this loop uses both of our signed routes (Crater Loop, and Lookout loop), and its much safer to go with traffic than against.  

    The Crater Loop and Lookout Loop are well known for their Vistas - so bring your camera and plan for a long day on your bike, as there is plenty of incredible views.  If you plan on starting in Mammoth Lakes (recommended), it'll be a short 30 miles to Fuel (at the June Lake Junction), and a long 66 miles back.  It is never recommended that you ride alone in the Mammoth Lakes area, but if you do, remember to bring lots of water, a spare tube, some tools, and the know-how to to use them.  For hints on what to bring with you on long rides, visit our "Be Prepared in the Back-country" section.

        This loop is for motorcycles only!  There's a few very narrow single track sections (see above pic) and anything on 4 wheels will NOT fit.  Do not attempt this loop on your quad, ATV, side-by-side, buggy or 4x4.  Feel free to send me your feedback on this track - all comments received will be posted below.

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