Dual-sport Loop (intermediate - 79 miles)

 Mammoth lakes to June Lake Dual Sport Loop.


 This ride starts and finishes at the Mammoth Lakes RV park, just outside of the Town of Mammoth Lakes.  This is a directional trail, and you must travel north first (from the RV park).  

    The shorter of the 2 loops is approximately 64 miles long, and is considered an "intermediate" ride. The longer of the 2 loops is approximately 79 miles long and is also considered an intermediate ride. 

After stopping for gas at the June lake Junction (an easy 26.3 miles from the start), you have the option of choosing the longer way back.  The longer way will add an additional 15 miles to your ride (approx 79 miles total).  If you choose to do the longer way back, please remember that your bike must be capable of doing 52.5 miles without a fill-up - an easy ride for most bikes equipped with 2 gallon gas tanks. 

Also, You should be comfortable with short stretches of tight single-track and sandy hill climbs.  LOTS of soft pumice on this ride.  Please, no beginners and absolutely no 4-wheelers (quads, trucks, jeeps, side-by-sides, UTV’s, Rynos, etc).  Trails are very narrow at times, true singletrack, and some steep side-hill sections make it inaccessible by 4 wheelers (big or small).   

   This is also considered a “dualsport” ride, and only plated bikes are allowed in some areas.  Remember, there is Gas at June Lake Junction (approximately 26.3 miles from the start), so  make sure you fill up there - especially if you plan on doing the longer section on the way back. 

It is never recommended that you ride alone in the Mammoth Lakes area, but if you do, remember to bring lots of water, a spare tube, some tools, and the know-how to to use them.  For hints on what to bring with you on long rides, visit our "Be Prepared in the Back-country" section.  Feel free to send me your feedback on this track - all comments received will be posted below.

Smokey Bear

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