Mammoth to Death Valley & Back (advanced - 708 miles)

Day one: Hilton Creek CA, to Fish Lake Valley orchard NV, 91 miles
Day two: Fish Lake Valley to Furnace Creek, Death Valley. 183 miles.
Day three: Furnace Creek to South Park canyon, Death Valley outskirts. 93 miles.
Day four: BLM Stone adopt-a-cabin to Owens Lake shack.  112 miles.
Day five: Rest and Relaxation, side trips to Cerro Gordo, Boulder Creek showers, and Owens "not-so-dry" Lake.  30 miles approximate.
Day six: The long way home - Owens dry Lake to Hilton Creek, CA, via Swansea bypass, Saline Valley, and Mazourka singletrack.  199 miles.

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Mammoth to Death Valley

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Advanced Terrain. NOT for beginners. Plated bikes are mandatory in the DV National Park. Sorry, no green sticker bikes allowed.  51k v. 2 Jun 15, 2010, 12:22 PM Smokey Bear