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Wheeler Ridge (advanced - 32.4 miles)

Looking for a challenging trail with an abundance of high altitude vistas?  Look no further.  The Wheeler Ridge trail ranks up there for both…

From Toms Place, This 4x4 trail is practically straight up ( 11,180 feet).  Along the way, you’ll meet lots of “rock puzzles” and a few sketchy side-hills and hill climbs. It’s only 32.4 miles (round trip), but it’s packed with challenge . .  Don’t be surprised if your bike starts running like crap, being up that high will rob it of oxygen, and horsepower. 

This trail is open to all vehicles, but I wouldn’t take my stock 4x4 or UTV up it. 

Link to Wheeler Ridge ride report 

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.gdb file  22k v. 1 Jul 17, 2010, 9:30 AM Smokey Bear

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