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Glass Mtn. Dual Sport (advanced - 130 miles)

700,000 years in the making….  

This 130 mile ride begins in the Long Valley Caldera, which is one of the largest volcanic valleys on earth, measuring approximately 20 miles long and 11 miles wide… 

This massive depression formed about 760,000 years ago, from a giant volcano - spitting hot ash and pumice, burning thousands of square miles, killing hoards of prehistoric Sierra Clubbers, and covering the surrounding landscape with noxious gas.

A fine mess indeed.

Take a look at the Google Earth snapshot (above) – the 2 million year old Glass Mountains forming a rim around the Long Valley Caldera, with Crowley Lake (green in color) at the center.  Notice the section of red track, snaking its way through the Glass Mountains, and heading towards hwy 120…

From Browns Owens River Campground: You’ll work your way up from the caldera floor, around Squaw tip, across the Glass Mountains, and then head North towards June Lake (approx 90 miles to the June Lake Junction).  From June, it’s an “easy” 40 miles back to Browns.

The terrain is fairly easy (mostly sandy 4x4 roads), but due to the distance (and a few tricky sections), and the BFE factor, we rate this as an “advanced” trip.  But with the right equipment and support, intermediate riders can accomplish this ride as well – no problem.  

For this particular ride, we recommend a well prepared group, but If you go at this trip alone please remember to go be prepared.  As always, bring water/ tools/ supplies/ etc. 

This is a dual sport ride (hwy sections: approximately 14 miles total), so your bike must be plated and it also must be capable of going 100 miles on a tank (desert tanks are a must).


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