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    Below are tracks suitable for motorcycles, ATV’s, side-by-sides, buggys and Jeeps/4x4’s.  Some sections of these tracks are considered “single track trail,” and driving anything bigger than a motorcycle will destroy the trail.  Since our website and download section are relatively new (June of 2010), expect an ever growing library of tracks and plenty of new and updated information. Don't forget to add your e-mail to our "e-mail list" to be notified of new track uploads.

    Please... do not rely on your GPS device to get you out of trouble.  It will NOT fix your flat, find drinking water for you, hand you tools, or call 911 in an event of an emergency.  GPS receivers break, and cell phones rarely work out here...  Most of these rides are lengthy - sometimes taking most of the day to complete.  That means It's up to YOU to ride in a safe and in a prepared manner. Mammoth M.C. will not be held responsible for you not knowing your limits or being unprepared.  If this confuses you, visit our "Ride Prep" section before you download anything or attempt to ride anything that we've provided in our download section.  

    Remember... single track is for motorcycle use ONLY.   We have very few sections of single-track left in the Eastern Sierra, so please do your part to preserve what is left. Excessive tire spin destroys singletrack… never ride over your head.   

All track downloads will display an approximate mileage and a difficulty level ( “Beginner,” “Intermiediate,” or “Advanced”).  If you consider yourself a beginner rider, please do not attempt anything but “beginner” tracks.
    If you are looking for the pristine single track (clickable at your fingertips) you will be dissapointed.  Make yourself known, attend a club meeting, pay your dues, open your eyes, etc.  Only then might you get the "key" to the Inyo.

Many hours were invested into providing a free and ever growing GPS download web page.  We take pride in all of the tracks that we have provided.  Unlike some, our organization is not in the business of misinformation and lies.  We are PRO dirtbike riding.   We are here to answer questions and provide advice. We have adopted a no nonsense approach in supplying you with ALL the correct information related to riding in the Mammoth Lakes area, and we're confident in knowing that these GPS tracks will give you something worth doing.
 We support you, please take the time to show some support as well. 

Mammoth M.C.

Disclaimer  -  10/28/11  -  Please Read

Due to the route designation implementation, many roads are now closed - But your guess is as good as ours, as most of them are NOT signed.  Please know, that it is entirely up to YOU to know where all the closed roads
are.  Mammoth M/C cannot keep up with all the closures, and the MVUM map is worthless.  We will try to make corrections to our GPS tracks when we are made aware of any mistakes.  Ultimately, we cannot be held responsible for their accuracy - we hope you understand.