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2. April 1, 2014 - Bill Vs. The Mammoth Mallers

Mammoth Motorcycle Club

Meeting Minutes for April 1st, 2014


I.      General Announcements

Small meeting, but the beer was cold and the talk was somewhat productive: 


A vote was taken, and all members in attendance agreed to back Bill Sauser in his political race for district 1 Supervisor.  It’ll be Bill vs. “The Mammoth Mallers” head coach! 


This isn’t a politically motivated or politically engaged club; actually, we don’t very much appreciate what politics has done here locally.  But for some reason, we made an exception with Bill. 


Lovingly referred to as the “Son of Santa…,” Bill has been a long time local and business owner (Bill’s Locksmith) here in Mammoth Lakes.  True, some might fail to see eye to eye with Bill at times (like when we’re talking about the “CAT negotiations,” in which Bill and others “compromised” singletrack right out of their signed proposal – a proposal used by the FS for roads closures), but the fact remains; while you’re sleeping your hangover away on a couch somewhere on Lupin Street, Bill’s actively representing the motorized community.  


Bill understands the value recreating in the Inyo (motorized or not) as well as the value of working hard for a living.  


As you can see in this article on our website, HERE, Bill isn’t a stranger to all those FOI barricades and the dangers they’re capable of. 


As current Recreation Commission chair and former president of the Mammoth Lakes Snowmobile Association, Bill is well known around Mammoth for his advocacy of OSV (Over Snow Vehicle) use in the forest.  Bill is also well recognized for his critical thinking skills; which comes as a breath of fresh air in a time of the ever-increasing NGO greed and public land mismanagement (e.g. Friends of the Inyo, MLTPA, California Land Management, etc.).  


So next time you’re out and about, make sure to say hi to Bill, he isn’t afraid of the tough questions, and he isn’t after your green sticker money either.  You can usually find him down at the new Whitmore Track, enjoying a nice run! 


Read more about Bill on fakebook and Twittbox


Just a bit of Local Mammoth Folklore:

Bill’s opponent is in this election is Larry Johnston - infamous team manager of the “Mammoth Mallers” softball team, and supporter of feeding the “Wilderness Monster” (indefinitely…  for our children, of course!). Not to be confused with feeding our bears. 


Larry came into the political spotlight when his first place softball team lost to “Team Boozy” in the final game of the 2000 (or was it 99? 98?) MLP&R softball season!  It was a dreadful defeat for the Mallers, and Larry was overheard in the dugout; desperate in his attempt of conjuring up some kind of rally:

“…Cmon guys, we’re the Mammoth Mallers!!!  We can’t lose to Team Booooozy!!” 


They did…    


II.    New Business

·         MMC campout and dirtbike ride planned for the weekend of 5/3.  Sorry, details will not be shared publicly.  If interested, join the club.

  • ·         Uncle Alan sent up some new MMC swag and price sheet/order form for us to check out:  Beanies, jacket, OGIO gear bag, OGIO hydration pack, shirts, hats, hoodies, etc, etc.  All sweet stuff and priced low (yes I checked, it’s the lowest)!!
The digitization costs of our “logo” were covered by Alan!  THANKS!!!  Unfortunately, yours truly forgot to bring all the items to the meeting…  so yeah…

If interested, swing by the house or show up at the next meeting (I promise I’ll bring them).  We’ll get organized in a little bit and send out some merchandise pics and start a purchase list - stay tuned. 


Check out the MMC beanie (left).  Next run will be with red outline.


**** Not to worry, we haven’t forgotten about the tee-shirts that are still owed to members (Carl, Sam, Glen, Jase-Jase, Adam, Dana, etc). They’re still in my possession, all bagged up, and I keep forgetting to mail them out.  This will happen eventually.

There’s $1194 in the till.  Recent revenue includes annual dues from James, Kim, and Russ.  We also received $25 from Doug who purchased a MMC women's t-shirt.  We still have women's shirts and a few medium adult shirts too. 

·       Just a reminder to all members, 2014 membership fees remain at $20 and are requested by July 1.  Use the PayPal link on the website or hand over your money in person.  We aren't accepting new members unless you are sponsored by an existing club member.  However, donations are most welcome as it takes money to pay for the website, for the purchase of new shirts/stickers/etc, and we occasionally bequest funds to those projects of merit.  (PLF and lawsuit against travel management, video production of the Ventura County Dual Sport ride in Bishop, and pro-motorized local campaigns and elections.)             -John,  MammothMC treasurer

  • ·         “Pool Shark” got his arm stuck in the pool table ball return (pic withheld).


III.  Land Manager Report

Nothing worth mentioning