Mammoth M/C Meeting Minutes


Members in Attendance:  Adam (dr. weird), Jason, Talen, John, Isabel, Big John, and Joe

Guests: Neil, Dexter, and Peter


5:05 meeting called to order at SmokeYard happy hour.

Joe started off with an update on his Labor Day event planned out in the CENSORED vicinity as Thursday through Monday he’ll be acting as a local liaison to the San Diego dirt bike meet-up group.  This particular meet-up group has been up to the Eastern Sierra twice and are bringing up about 20 riders this weekend for some high altitude fun.  Joe is planning on multiple days with multiple routes/rides depending on rider abilities.


Now, because Joe can’t be in all places at once he is on the look-out for tour guides, if interested please email him. 

When asked about how many nights he was going to camp out in CENSORED, Joe avoided the question.

**** unfortunately, specific riding/event locations are now being “censored” due to the fact that law enforcement now monitors our site & meeting minutes.  We don’t plan to do their job for them. Thanks for your understanding. ***   

About this time Adam mentioned that his member card was denied during shopping trip at Golden State Cycle in Bishop, CA.  The service rep told him he didn’t recognize our card or the 10% discount.  Your results may vary.


 Next up was info regarding the USFS field trip in Buttermilk country.  Coyote Flats was the original plan but organizers realized it would take too long on slow 4x4’s and not a good use of time.  Joe also mentioned that Ed was bringing up a couple XR’s so he and Joe could go on an unrelated tour of “closures”.


Joe had some insider information that “ranger Rick” was personally choosing which roads to close and to hell with forest orders, and, that someone named Bernadette will personally fund Joe.


Of course this opened a canister of worms.  Guests present wanted to know more about forest closures and what’s going on.  And since they’ve missed prior meetings where this is constantly discussed we had a quick rehash session:


 ·         Yes, it’s common knowledge that FOI is using green sticker funds to close routes.  Please refer to our past conversations with Stacy corless regarding what the friends of the Inyo is doing out in the forest – CLICK HERE

·         Yes, motorcyclists and MammothMC are being targeted/discussed by USFS management as insurgents – (leaked to us from impartial government insider)

 ·         Yes, closures often make no sense to even the workers closing them.

·         Yes, this ignites resentment from not only the public, other LEO’s are in disagreement.

·         Yes, closures are being reversed by the public at large, not Mammoth MC.

 ·         Yes, FOI members were overheard in a local restaurant bragging about the irony of using green sticker funds towards their passion of closing access to motorized.

 ·         Yes, newly created wilderness fronts sewage ponds, dump areas, we were conned.

 ·         Yes, a law enforcement dog and handler were paid for with Inyo green sticker funds and once trained they were transferred to... San Bernadino.  WTF?

·         NO, not a wise use of tax payer money at this time - But who’s keeping track of that kind of stuff anyway?

For brevity all of the above are just highlights, anyone who wants more detail it can be provided. 


John concluded the discussions with a report on the trail work we pitched in with the FOI and MLTPA on August 13, 2011.  We had about 7-9 MC members show up and help with various projects in the Inyo Craters area.  The breakfast went very quick and was more of a snack for the manual labor that awaited.  Jason started drinking beer to early in the morning which resulted in a quick decline in labor.  Joe actually worked the hardest out of anyone present (including FOI paid staff, so for that he is recognized – he must have moved a ton of back-breaking boulders)


“…The parking lot wars”


Part of the morning’s “work” included closing part of a parking lot which everyone got busy on until MMC president James inserted a stop order.  Why are we closing stuff?  He wanted to know!  And without getting into it further we didn’t close anything that day – even though another attempt was made. 

This “close-happy” behavior bothered James so much that he later contacted representatives from the forest service to dig a little deeper into why the Friends of the Inyo Representatives thought they could just “shrink” a portion of the Inyo Craters parking lot… 

As it turned out, the Forest Service Reps informed James that the friends of the Inyo “should not have attempted to close a portion of the parking, and that they were specifically told not to do so!”  Apparently, during the “work party” planning process, The Friends of the Inyo claimed that the parking lot was too big - and needed to be “shrunk.”  The forest service disagreed, and ultimately denied their request to close/shrink any portion of the parking lot.  The final agreement was that the Inyo craters parking lot was to be outlined with rocks only.   The Friends of the Inyo must have forgotten their agreement, as they specifically told our group:  “See this parking lot guys?  It’s way too big and it needs to be shrunk down.”  The FOI representative explained to us that, “Even on busy holiday weekends, this parking lot never sees this much parked cars, and there’s no point to having it this big.”

 Yeah right!  Says who?  Mammoth M/C wonders just how many other agreements might have been ignored or forgotten… unfortunately, we will never know.

The Forest service also told James that they plan on visiting these “work parties” in the future – too keep everyone on the same page.  James will also be there, making sure that any personal agendas are foiled. 

Our main project of the day was building a rock island that had some other features too like a bench, wood-art, and some trash pick-up. 

Thanks to those that attended.


Adam mentioned that he was going on vacation in Minnesota; he has a dirt-bike track over there on private property.  Lots of good times are had there as well  (actual pic of locals partying it up at the track in MN)

Jason said he did his own valves on his bike, and was looking forward to the re-opening of the Mammoth Lakes Ice Rink.  Jason got on Joe for not fixing his bike from the last ride, Joe’s rebuttal was that his bike runs just fine.

Two of the guests, Peter and Dexter gave a quick summary of life in the city, hardly any riding opportunities but lots of LEO.  Both mentioned that the motorized industry is in trouble resulting from our economy.  Dexter happens to write for the New York Times and was interested in the friction resulting from “route designations”. 

Peter and Dexter then proceeded to pick up the entire check for the evening. 


Our club appreciates the support, and we hope you thoroughly enjoy our town and surrounding areas.



6:50 meeting adjourned