Ranger Kazmerski showed up and gave us some free CTUC maps.  At first, we were impressed when we saw one of John’s photo used, but then not so much. Upon closer inspection we quickly noticed that the map had left out almost 100% of our trail content, highlighted OHV loops, and other items that we thought as a club would be most useful to Mammoth Lakes visitors.


We were invited to participate and expected more, in a nutshell.  But, for the majority of visitors this map will do the trick.   It's colorful and shows many of our natural attractions along with some route descriptions and its free – don’t let the $3 tag fool you.  It has something for everyone, since some people like finding mistakes (like me) there's plenty of those to keep it interesting.    

After discussing the map, the evening suddenly switched gears and narrowed in on

the idea to change club focus from social to profitable.  Joe Parrino and Ranger Kazmerski noted that it might be time for us to step up and join the NGO fray, and looked for a commitment from the rest of the club members.  Joe believes it to be a no brainer, and we’d be foolish not to pursue it, Stating:

“…With a 501c3, MMC or MMO( can apply for measure R and U funding.  This funding can help with trail maintenance, as well as attract volunteers to help make single track trails. Our club can then reward these volunteers that spend time and labor on trail projects.” 

As you can imagine,  there was some harsh questioning of Joe’s logic, which made for some very “interesting” side conversations.  Kazmerski mentioned that often there is better efficiency built into this “new way” of doing things.  CTUC, FOI, MLTPA, Mammoth Tourism, and countless others now take tax money and do the work that our USFS used to do, and better!  Or under closer scrutiny, is it really a fact?

John quickly brought forth the entity known as “CLM” (California Land Management), they even sound official (like an arm of the BLM or something).  John reminded Kazmerski that the USFS did a far better job of running our campgrounds than this new CLM outfit.  John added:

 “So why hand over our lands and money to this organization?  The issue of camping was never about someone making money, camping was an affordable American pastime managed by USFS on our lands  -- as a motorcycle enthusiast, I'm here for the sport, not for the money (or power) involved with making our club into another acronym focused on government hand-outs only to never be able to separate ourselves from Uncle Sam's teat!  Efficiency!  Yes, CLM efficiently turns our forests into cash machines.  As all the infrastructure ages (they did not put a dime into) they keep taking more and more but don't put in anything.  The USFS took what was fair and then kicked in extra to make the camping experience for all get better every year.   Who ultimately is better? I'm not here for making a career out of motorized sports, I'm here to live.”   Mr. Kazmerski acknowledged this as a problem the USFS is now working on.