Eyes of the Inyo was founded in May 2010 as an adjunct to the new Mammoth Motorcycle Club (Mammoth MC).  Our local club is Mammoth's newest OHV voice. 

We are proponents of all forms of recreation, motorized or not.  

In addition, we are a constant vigilant group who are taking notice of the many changes taking place in our forest.  

Whether it be a sierra clubber getting his subaru bottomed out in a local creek and diverting the stream bed to suck the mud away from his tires, to questionable logging practices, to illegal road closures and trash dumpers, or just the dumbass ohv users being on singletrack where they don't belong - we see it and take note

 MammothMC advocates for the legislator and Congress to change and repeal unjust laws, may bring lawsuits to challenge policies that are unfair, and organizes social movements to draw public attention to injustices. 

 Please take the time to review this site, and, if you are of similar mind consider joining our crew.

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Mammoth Motorcycle Club  

Our club is dedicated to improving the overall recreational experience for everybody that lives and vacations in the Mammoth Lakes area.

We are an off road motorcycle club, so it goes without saying that our primary focus is and will be on motorcycle related issues.

unfortunately, it has come to our attention that not all the information provided through internet sites, visitor centers, and local authorities has been all that accurate. 

The MMC has created this website to address the need for accurate and important riding information for the Mammoth Lakes area.